About Us
Welcome to Yadana Thiha Travels & Tours
Here comes a young and active tour company in Myanmar. We are called YADANA THIHA Travels and Tours. We are young but incredibly experienced in the service to our customers that it will make you to be beyond your dreams. We are a company of ethnic groups and specialize in the culture, life and customs of the unknown minorities by trekking to the villages or on the regular tour in direct dealing making you feel someone special but local away from the tourist. We focus on the real deal and use value life experience. We do organize the regular tour programs according to the tourist destinations but we provide more of adventure and discovery. We can guarantee that you go home with unforgettable memories after being with us.

Our Services are:

  • Air Ticketing ( Domestic & International )
  • Tour Packages
  • Hotel Booking
  • Car Rental

YADANA THIHA is committed to a mission that creates a balance between our responsibilities to our customers and we provide the extraordinary service. We offer low cost single supplements, attractively priced tour and high quality of service. Your visit and co-operation help the charge of life of the people who are in need of you in this country. We would like to invite you to come and enjoy the lovely feature of Myanmar people, their hospitality and welcoming heart towards the visitors with our unique services and products.

Yadana Thiha Co., Ltd

The Yadana Thiha Co., Ltd, the main business center locates in Mandalay, and it was established in 2006. The Company runs the business of Ruby and Sapphire mining, Jade and Diamond Trading, Hotel and Tourism services, Infrastructure construction, Agriculture production, Commercial Trading and etc.

The company is principle on “Generosity and Honesty” which creates prolong and firmly trust between our company and colleagues and customers. According to successive era and changes of situation, we continuously try to improve the company business policies, strategies, operational techniques and hardworking of staffs and workers effort.

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